What is Dermaplaning? 

Dermaplaning is one of the easiest ways of removing unwanted hair from the face at home. It is a form of exfoliation that uses a painless blade to gently scrape away facial hair( often referred to as ‘peach fuzz’). At the same time, Dermaplaning also effectively removes the build up of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface for a much smoother, softer face. 


What does Dermaplaning feel like? 


Unlike waxing and threading, dermaplaning is completely painless. You’ll feel a very soft scratching sensation on the skin, and also hear a scratching sound as the razor moves across your face. You will hold the skin taut and hold the razor at an angle to ensure it glides across your skin comfortably.


Does your hair grow back thicker after Dermaplaning? 

Nope. The fine, vellus hair( peach fuzz) on your face won’t grow back thicker or faster after dermaplaning - you may notice the texture of re-growing hair on your face when you apply your skincare, however it won’t causes excess hair growth, or a change in the density of the hair. 

How many times can I use my Eco- Friendly Derma Razor? 

We recommend 3-4 uses per razor if cared properly. The razor should be cleaned with an alcohol wipe or run under warm water and store away with its protective cap.

What are the benefits of Dermaplaning at home?

Not only it is affordable and quick at home treatment that you can easily add to your skincare routine, but with just one treatment you will notice flawless and glowing skin. And because you are removing all of your dead skin cells, your skincare products will better penetrate when you apply them, making them all the more effective. Dermaplaning also reduces the appearance of acne scars and fine lines, boosts collagen production, and stimulates cell regrowth, resulting in smoother, younger, fresher looking skin. 

Are there any Dermaplaning side effects? 

After Dermaplaning you might experience slight redness, but your normal tone will return within 10 minutes. 

 Remember to always use a clean blade. Dermaplaning is suitable for most skin types.  However this treatment is NOT RECOMMENDED in most cases for those with active acne, very sensitive skin or certain forms of rosacea, as it can cause further irritation. 


How is it environmentally friendly? 

Made of wheat stalk(biodegradable material) our razor is no harm to the environment. Once the blade is safely removed, you can recycle the handle.


What makes Cleanse Glow RQ so unique?

For a start - this baby is adorably baby pink. 
But seriously - great question. The facial massaging side with Rose Quartz is - as the name suggests - made with Rose Quartz.
Some people believe that Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love, purifying and opening the heart to promote inner healing and peace.
For the rest of us, the elements contained in Rose Quartz (magnesium, iron and oxygen) may aid in helping reduce inflammation and tension.
And for all of us? It’s super pretty. 

Why should I use silicone to cleanse, rather than a brush?

Brush heads naturally break down and splay out with usage, so need to be replaced frequently. Not only is this not great for the purse - it’s not great for the environment! Silicone stands the test of time and has no need to be refreshed. 
Additionally, silicone is an antibacterial ingredient, meaning any nasties that are flushed out from your skin can’t sit on bristles and multiply - if you suffer from blemishes or breakouts - this is SO important!

Who is it for?
Individuals who are looking to:
Deep daily cleansing
Minimize the appearance of blackheads
Reduce oil congestion
Lift, firm & tone the skin
Reduces inflammation and tension
Deeper absorption of skincare products
What does the facial cleansing device set include?
1x Cleanse Glow RQ device (pink with rechargeable battery).
1x USB charging cable
1x Grey carry bag
1x User manual
Device Operation Instructions (Quick Guide):
To activate the cleanse silicone side hold the power button until the lights turn on then press the M button to activate. Press the M button again for different speed functions.
To activate the rose quartz heating side hold the power button until the lights turn on then double tap the power button in succession (you will see a red light turn on which means heating is activated). Wait 40 seconds to 1 minute for the rose quartz head to heat up.
To turn the device off hold the power button until all lights turn off.
Cleaning & Care Instructions:
Before washing the device you must make sure the charge hole of the device is sealed with the provided silicone plug.
To clean the silicone cleanse side, rinse after use under warm soapy water and gently dry.
To clean the rose quartz heating side of the device, rinse after use using a combination of mild soap liquid and warm water. Rinse under running water to remove soap and dry thoroughly.
After each use we recommend you dry the device all over as a precaution.
Important Note: Avoid steam cleaning and avoid water that is very very hot.